Condensing Units

Condensing Units

      with Recip. Compressors (MT, MTZ & NTZ series)
    • Cooling capacities from 1.56KW to 5.5KW with R404a LBP @ -30/54/10/0 Amb.: 46'c
    • Cooling capacities from 2.8KW to 20.1KW with R22 MBP @ -5/54/10/0 Amb.: 46'c
    • Cooling capacities from 2.8KW to 19.3KW with R404a MBP @ -5/54/10/0 Amb.: 46'c

      with Scroll Compressors MLZ series multirefrigerant R22/R404a/R134a/R407A/R507/R407F
    • Cooling capacities from 3.6W to 17.9KW with R22 MBP @ -5/54/10/0 Amb.: 46'c
    • Cooling capacities from 3.1KW to 15.4KW with R404a LBP @ -30/54/10/0 Amb.: 46'c

      Optyma Slim Pack
    • Resistance to corrosion of the Heat exchanger and housing prolongs the lifetime of the unit.
    • Micro-channel heat exchanger is light and easy to clean
    • Accessible fan and condenser for easy maintenance
    • Accessible pre-wired electrical junction panel eables ease servicing (for W04 versions)
    • Safety cartridge pressure switches HP & LP.
    • Filter drier and sight glass protect the unit from moisture, acids and solid particles. Flare connections simplify maintenance.
    • Quick connections accelerate installation: just mount, connect piping and plug.
    • Accessible service ports on service valves (suction and liquid)
    • Solenoid valve (with W02 version) protects compressor from liquid flooding back.
    • Crankcase heater (with LBP units) protects the compressor when operating under cold weather conditions.
    • Cooling capacities from 2HP to 7HP in Medium temp applications using R22,R404a,R134a
    • Cooling capacities from 1.5HP to 6HP in Low temp applications using R404a

    • Evaporating ranges:
    • -20'c to 10'c MBP R22/R404a/R507
    • -15'c to 15'c MBP R134a
    • -40'c to -10'c LBP R404a

    • Applications:
    • MBP & LBP
    • Mini-markets, supermarkets
    • Milk cooling
    • Dairy & general food storage
    • Wine chillers
    • Cold rooms, freezers
    • Restarants
    • Fish markets/li>
    • Bakeries
    • Laboratories
    • Florists
    • Petrol Stations
    • Industrial processes