Danfoss Maneurop Reciprocating Compressors

MT, MTZ, NTZ Series

  • Designed for Medium and High evaporating temperature applications
  • Have a large internal free volume that protects against the risk of liquid hammering when liquid refrigerant enters the compressor.
  • Displacement ranging from 30 to 271cm3/rev.
  • The positive benefits of internal motor protection, high efficiency circular valve design and
  • high torque motors make this an exceptionally long-lasting compressor

    MTZ series
  • Working range: -17'c to 15'c(R407c), -25'c to 20'c(R134a), -30'c to 10'c(R404a)
  • MTZ series specially desinged for use with HFC refrigerants R407c, R134a & R404a & R507a
  • Cooling capacities from 3.85KW to 37.8KW (1.1TR to 10.7TR) with R407c @ARI 400/3/50Hz
  • Cooling capacities from 1.9KW to 20.31KW (0.54TR to 5.77TR) with R404a @EN12900 & 400/3/50Hz
  • Cooling capacities from 2.53KW to 25.78KW (0.72TR to 7.3TR) with R134a @ARI & 400/3/50Hz
  • Cooling capacities from 1.1KW to 11.9KW (0.3TR to 3.4TR) with R134a @EN12900 & 400/3/50Hz

    MT series
  • Working range: -25'c to 15'c
  • Cooling capacities from 3.88KW to 38.27KW (1.1TR to 10.9TR) with R22 @ARI 400/3/50Hz
  • Cooling capacities from 1.69KW to 19.19KW (0.5TR to 5.5TR) with R22 @EN12900 400/3/50Hz

    NTZ Series
  • LBP applications with R404a. Working range -45'c to -10'c
  • Cooling capacities from 0.86KW to 6.01KW (0.24TR to 1.71TR) with R404a @ -35/40/10/0 & 400/3/50Hz

ARI Condition:- Te: 7.2'c, Tc: 54.4'c, Tsh: 11.1K, Tsc: 8.3K
EN12900 Condition:- Te: -10'c, Tc: 45'c, Tsh: 10K, Tsc: 0K