Danfoss Scroll Compressors

Danfoss Scroll Compressors

For Light Commercial and AC applications, Precision cooling

    H series
  • Discharge check valve: no reverse rotation hence no shutdown noise.
  • Radial scroll compliance: Good resistance to liquid flood back.
  • Axial scroll compliance: low starting current.
  • Oil Injection: Good lubrication at fierce conditions
  • Lead-free bearings: high reliability even with low lubrication
  • Patended internal protection combined with HOOP(Hot oil over protector) thermal valve: excellent reliability standard dimensions and tubing: ideal for both new installations and replacement markets.
  • Cooling capacities from 5.95KW to 29.13KW (1.7TR to 8.3TR) with R22 @ARI 400/3/50Hz
  • Cooling capacities from 5.73KW to 28.15KW (1.6TR to 8TR) with R407c @ARI 400/3/50Hz
  • Cooling capacities from 7.1KW to 29.7KW (2TR to 8.5TR) with R410a @ARI 400/3/50Hz

    SM series
  • Cooling capacities from 20.4KW to 45.5KW (5.8TR to 12.9TR) with R22 @ARI 400/3/50Hz
  • SM working range -20 to 15'c

    SY series
  • Cooling capacities from 61.2KW to 94.5KW (17.4TR to 26.8TR) with R22 @ARI 400/3/50Hz
  • Cooling capacities from 59.1KW to 89.6KW (16.8TR to 25.5TR) with R407c @ARI 400/3/50Hz
  • Cooling capacities from 40.5KW to 63.3KW (11.5TR to 18TR) with R134a @ARI 400/3/50Hz
  • SY Working range: -20 to 15'c(R22), -20'c to 15'c(R407c), -15'c to 15'c(R134a)

    SZ series
  • Cooling capacities from 19.3KW to 89.6KW (5.5TR to 25.5TR) with R407c @ARI 400/3/50Hz
  • Working range: -20'c to 15'c(R407c), -15'c to 15'c(R134a), -20'c to 10'c(R404a)

    SH series
  • Cooling capacities from 22.3KW to 116.4KW (6.3TR to 33.1TR) with R410a @ARI 400/3/50Hz
  • Absolute leak-proof design through a new environmental friendly PTFE spring seal
  • Reduced sound level from discharge side and lower transmitted vibrations with intermediate cap design feature
  • Quieter and more efficient operation with “no contact – no wear” scroll design for reduced friction
  • Environmental friendly lead free bearings
  • Improved endurance and 100% motor cooling with patented motor cover design
  • Reduced operating noise and vibration with patented upper and lower centering spacers that eliminate misalignment

  • working range -40 to -10'c
  • Cooling capacity from 2.4KW to 6.05KW with R404a @ -35'c/40'c/10K/0K
  • Cooling capacity with Economizer kit from 4.04KW to 9.91KW with R404a @ -35'c/40'c/10K/5K
  • Boost Cooling capacity and efficiency with vapor injection in low temperatures
  • Danfoss proposes the optional economizer kit to boost compressor efficiency and capacity with vapour injection.
  • The system uses a liquid subcooler circuit. During the liquid subcooler process, some liquid
  • Refrigerant evaporates in the economizer and is injected in to the scroll set at intermediate pressure.
  • This provides additional cooling capacity thanks to subcooling in the economizer and increase efficiency of the system.
  • The effect of vapor injection increases together with the increase of system pressure ratio.